“IF” Poem Print with High-Pigmented Gold Paint by Rudyard Kipling:

I have hand-lettered, digitalised, and painted a flawless rendition of this renowned poem. This widely celebrated and inspiring piece offers a profound set of principles for personal growth and aspiration. It serves as a perfect gift, whether for your beloved husband, cherished son, or any significant man in your life, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

Beyond its intrinsic value as a meaningful gift, this piece of handwritten art can also serve as a captivating decoration for your office or home. Its profound words and elegant presentation will add a touch of beauty and inspiration to any space, creating an atmosphere of reflection and motivation.

Allow the timeless wisdom and poetic brilliance of “IF” to resonate in your life or the life of someone dear to you. With its profound message, this piece is destined to become a cherished possession, igniting the spirit of determination and resilience.

IF is brought to life through the artistry of handcrafted calligraphy and gold-painted IFs. Whether as a heartfelt gift or a stunning decor piece, it holds the potential to inspire and uplift, reminding us of the incredible strength and potential within us all.

Choose an A4 or A3 copy in created from two handwritten scripts:

  • Option 1: Two painted gold “IFs” on the left
  • Option 2: One painted gold “IF” at the top

Upon request, you have the option to receive an original, handwritten poem. This personalised touch adds an extra layer of uniqueness and authenticity to your order.