Rose gold place cardNathanTurquoiseFlat, ivory textured in gold ink4Black and gold inkFlat, ivory textured in gold inkFlat, ivory textured in gold ink2New rio script profile

Premium Ink Calligraphy, Flat Place Cards



These flat place cards are handwritten in calligraphy using a premium ink – they will surely impress your guests! Several high-pigmented, metallic ink colours are available and are mixed by hand i.e. rose gold, turquoise, etc.

The cost of each place card handwritten in Bodega calligraphy (first images):
– Handwritten forename – £1.10
– Handwritten forename and surname – £1.60
*standard gold ink (images with the purple and white rose) costs 90p/£1.40

If you would like to know more, please get in touch via the enquiry form.