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Bespoke Handmade Calligraphy Table Plan/Seating Chart



There are several options to choose from when choosing your handmade table plan. For example, I can provide the complete table plan with calligraphy handwritten guest names. Or, supply table plan cards for you to display as you please. There’s also the option to create the mounting board layout so you can add the names.

– Individual table plan cards start from 50p for the cardstock and 55p for a single name in black calligraphy
– A1 base materials and set up – £30.00 + 55p/85p – forename/full name
– A2 base materials and set up – £25.00 + 55p/85p – forename/full name
– Calligraphy bride and groom's name – £2.50
– Calligraphy wedding date – £2.50

Extras are available including gold ink, ribbon, mounted table plan cards and entwined initials.

Please ask if you have any questions via the enquiry form.