About Me

Hi this is Kershia

I have been working as a professional calligrapher for four years. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of penning poems for lovers old and new and have provided a whole range of wedding calligraphy services for numerous nuptials.

Before all that though, I was just a girl in her bedroom doodling on paper, watching calligraphy videos online and enviously admiring the beautiful words of art. Still as the old joke goes, ‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall?’… ‘Practice.’

And that’s what I did. After hundreds of hours of experimentation and trial-and-error, I tentatively took my first steps into professional calligraphy by writing place cards at 10p each; my first job was for one hundred wedding guests sold to a future bride on eBay. So keen to do well on my first job, it took me six hours and after the fees were deducted I made around £7 or a little more than £1 per hour. Yet I was ecstatic as the bride told me they were perfect and had made her day extra special.

Naturally, I like to get paid for my work but just as important to me is knowing that I’ve made someone’s day or event better with my designs. It’s as true today as it was with my first job back in 2014.

As my experience and confidence grew, I took on more-and-more jobs and started to branch out to other websites. Finally, I decided it was time to take the ultimate step and open my own website, which I’m very proud and happy to share with you today. Please browse through my shop, I’m sure you’ll find something I’ll be delighted to make for you and even if it’s not there just get in touch and I’ll be sure to help.


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